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Apple's new Digital Wellness Announcement

Learn more about Apple's new wellness features - this includes everything from notification, monitoring and improving controls and screen time.

Digital Wellness

Come join us for a one hour of disucssions regarding Digital Balance and Digital Distractions.

Digital Balance in a Digitally Distracted World on August 17th at HKT 6pm - 7:30pm at Garage Society, Sheung Wan. 1

Digital Detox Asia

Want to excape your phone? That buzzing, beeping sound giving you stress? - I think its time for a Digital Detox. 

All about the GDPR.

The new GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect on the 25th of May is a new EU legislation applying to all UK businesses and to all businesses holding personal data on customers based out of the EU. Read More here.

Technology and the Brain

Our Minds on Tech - Computer World

A fascinating article and video that shows the impact of over use of technology and the brain. 

Internet of Things and Education

Here is a great example of how technology is improving education through Internet of Things.  

Five ways the internet is changing education.

Why be Digitally Honest?

Achieving Tech Life Balance

In today's society where almost every individual has access to a mobile device or access to the internet, it's important to take pause and go back to basic fundamentals. Honest Digital Life's core objective is to equip everyone with an understanding of how technology impacts our daily lives, and remind everyone to put back some wellness in their life through  tech balance. 

Diversity and Technology

In order to build best teams and innovative products, you need a truly diverse and inclusive organization. Most existing technologies have been built and designed predominantly by males creating a one dimensional view. Join the conversation on building a more diverse and inclusive team through human centric design, inclusion and collaboration and encouraging more women and girls to consider Tech.

Demystifying Technology

The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. We hope to provide readers with information on things like IoT, Data, Internet Security and other technology related topics.

  • Safeguard your devices
  • Kids and Idevices
  • Cool apps for kids
  • Your online self

Key Focus Areas

Join Me!

Want to make a difference? Know about Tech? Want to share your passion on driving digital balance? Want to contribute to society? If the answer is yes, please contact me. I'm looking for like minded individuals to contribute to Honest Digital Life.

Events and Meetups

Check out our list of frequent and adhoc events and meet ups discussing all things relating to Digital Wellness, Tech Balance, Internet of Things, Future of Work and more.

IT Security Tips

Tips and Tricks on how to secure your personal computing devices, iPads and mobile to safeguard from phishing or social hacking.  Also provides some guidance on how to  manage your online self on social media.

There's an App for that.

Recommended Apps and gadgets for the family focusing on positive wellbeing, tech balance use, learning and education and IT Security. 

Unplug and Chill

Advise from experts on how to unplug, unwind and reset. Find opportunities to meet other like minded individuals through offline retreats and digital detox programs.

DeMystifying IoT

What is Internet of Things all about? It's a buzz word that is now part of almost everyone's vocabulary but still remains a mystery. Here we look at different IoT that impact our day to day lives and how we can be better informed to make honest decisions.

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