Why Honest Digital Life

Mission and Goals

The Why

My goal is simple, to take my professional skills and educate, inform and help others demystify the world of Tech (best I know how) and to help you live a better, balanced life by providing you with the information you need to unplug and unwind - even for just a little while. 

About Lea:

I have been in the technology industry for over 20 years focusing on Service Management, Business Change and Transformation and Client Engagement. During this time I have worked in large multinational companies across the Legal, Financial and Investment Banking industries. With diverse work experience in Australia, South East Asia, Tokyo and Hong Kong, I bring a wealth of experience having worked with technology across different fields. My primary focus is to help the businesses understand different technologies available internally and externally, acting as a broker of services to meet the demands of the business. 

I am passionate and a strong advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, especially in the areas of STEM.  I have been involved in diversity and inclusion strategic efforts throughout my career, providing mentoring and improving recruitment drives. 

With my experience in technology, diversity and wellness programs I  created Honest Digital Life to help myself better understand the constantly evolving world of technology and impact on our daily lives. I started to ask the "Why" in relation to our dependence on technology and ethical design of products and services. I recognised that I and my family was often engrossed in technology available to us, and soon realized that I needed balance in order to have a positive impact on myself, my family as well as others. To achieve that, I needed to remind myself to unplug, to be 100% present and to start understanding my own dependence on tech.

With two young children who are digital nomads, I needed to create a sense of balance as a gift to them. Hence Honest Digital Life was created.  I am no expert in all areas of technology, but I hope that with research and a dash of curiosity I can provide everyone with a little insight on what's happening in the digital world and how to cope in today's connected world.