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All about the new GDPR

May 2018

The new GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect on the 25th of May 2018 is a new EU legislation applying to all UK businesses and to all businesses holding personal data on customers based out of the EU. The new law aims to give the public more information over how data is collected on them and used, plus the ability to request to remove your data. Lack of enforcement could result in massive fines - up to 4% or EU 20m of turnover if not followed.

This is just not just about compliance or implementing a new framework, but putting in place ethical practices over the use of customer data. Building this into the organisation is ethical and good for business. 

For the Consumer.

As a consumer, you may have already started receiving emails from various organisations relating to subscriptions and personal data. Organisations which previously retained your data are now required to ask you to "Opt In" for them to continue using your data. This is also good opportunity to reconsider which subscriptions you wish to continue receiving as well as be more aware on what the privacy policies are for that organisation.

Key Fundamentals.

  • GDPR is a new regulation in the EU that aims to protect personal data. Personal data is defined as information that is private or public - such as names, addresses, bank details etc.
  • The GDPR strengthens the right of the individual by having the ability to be a) Right to be Informed about use of their personal data and b) Right to be Forgotten - which means individuals have the right to request their data to be erased
  • Businesses will need to provide stringent framework over their data usage and part of this is to appoint a Data Protection officer to help them comply with all their obligations. This  means that businesses will now have to be more aware and conscious over use of personal data through data protection impact assessments.
  • The GDPR also requires businesses to implement appropriate controls over technical solutions - ie/ algorithms used to process data.

Tons of information available, but here are sites that give it to you straight and simple without overwhelming you. 

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