Digital Detox Retreats

Mandarin Spa Digital Wellness Escape

Mandarin Oriental spa has introduced the Digital Wellness Escape - a 90 minute treatment helping individuals unplug. Currently have a promotion: Valid from 1 February - 31 July 2018. Minimum two-night stay starting from HKD $4,675 per night.

Mandarin Spa, 24/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central, tel: 2825 4888.

1 Day Offline - Hong Kong

1 Day offline provides bespoke training programmes and workshops centered around self management and boosting personal effectiveness. Their 1 Day Offline program helps individuals and corporate teams recharge. They also have team and weekend offline courses.

Digital Detox Retreats

Why not indulge in one many glorious retreats being offered in our neighboring Thailand or Indonesia or other parts of the world. Pair it up with Yoga or other wellness programs to totally unplug and and reconnect with yourself.

Honest Digital Detox Tips

Families that Eat together..

Make meal time special

Spend mealtime with your families without any digital distraction - including the telephone. Turn off all devices and television and spend it learning about each others day.

Game Night, Movie Night

Having a bit of fun is important. Use technology to spend quality time together, by either playing a game or watching a movie together. 

Digital Free Weekend

Spend a portion of your weekend being totally present. Dedicate time to enjoy the outdoors or doing an activity with family and friends. Create a digital free zone at home where you can spend time enjoying the very basics.

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Promoting Ethical Technology and Digital Balance

An Honest experience

Honest stats dont lie

According to Statistica - as of January 2017, the total number of mobile users (unique individuals) was 4.92 billion - thats 66% of the total population. 49.7% of web pages were viewed from mobile devices compared to desktop or laptops. Various reports (Flurry, eMarketer)  indicate that on average we spend roughly 4 hours a day on our mobile devices with an average of 2 hrs on social media apps (Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter) MediaKix. This does not account for time spent on Desktops and Laptops, but it does indicate that we spend 1/6th of our day on our phones. 

What could you be doing with those extra four hours? Imagine how productive you could be. Without a doubt there will be heavy reliance on digitization and technology, but if we can shift that focus towards doing something in the present, perhaps we can achieve a little bit more clarity and increase overall productivity.

The dreaded YouTube

I recently received a new MacBook as a present and decided to migrate all my old photos and data collection to it. I took out my old laptop and realized that not only did I have one laptop but seven laptops, 2 iPads and 2 old iPhones. I didnt purchase all of these mind you, most of it were part of upgrade programs, but it made me realize how much time I spent online. My children had hand me down iDevices and were often online playing games or watching the dreaded Youtube. I had an app for every part of my life - from Professional social networks to cooking apps to scheduling. I would often find the family sitting in different areas of the house on their own devices consumed in the light emitting from the screen. Something or someone had to give. I HAD to set a good example for my children, so I decided that we all had to come to some sort of balance, unplug and start spending quality time without distractions. Hence the start of good digital practice and frequent digital detox came into play in our household. Being more present results in giving us more freedom.